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We are the generation who has experianced storage in a very diversified manner. Remember those days when we use to carry those rewritable CD’s for our music or assignments in universities. Pendrives and storage external hardrives were the followed devices. But now we are moving to the new era of cloud storage. Most of our devices are connected with cloud services by default. The same way consumption of audibles has been changed from hard drives to cloud streaming. meBonk is one of the majour breakthrough app which provides you streaming and offline music listning capability. You dont have to use iTunes or Android desktop softwares to sync your music into your phone. You can directly play your music from your cloud storage or download it for offline listning on your flight to paris. Primary features which makes meBonk standout from all other cloud player apps are:


  1. Snadragon Processing for seemless music player experiance.
  2. Streaming and offline playing;
  3. Playing all common music formats, like mp3 and wav;
  4. Creating custom playlists
  5. Simple and functional user Interface.
  6. Totally Free

You might have seen bunch of cloud player apps which let you play music from you cloud storage. But none of them will provide you snap dragon processing experiance. Team responsible to build this player was instructed clearly that no matter what; user experiance has to be amazing and response of this player must be super fast.

Technology used to build this player was optimised at each iteration and we made it sure that users wont be presented with full screen irritating ads.

You might already have your music files on your clouds or if not just register for one of the following services online and download there desktop app. Once setup is dont you just need to copy all of your music into the relevent folders and thats it. All your music will be available on your own cloud which you can easily sync with meBonk player. meBonk supports:

  1. Google Drive
  2. One Drive from mcrosoft
  3. Drop Box

We are also planning to launch wifi enabled browser based drag and drop method for future releases. One of the best feature about meBonk is you dont have to worry about the storage capacity or streaming bandwidth. Because meBonk provides unlimited storage and streaming capability subject to your cloud storage and device capacity.

meBonk is available on app Store for iOS users as well as on google play store for android users.  Still not convinced, well you can read our users feedback.

Customer Reviews

Amazing App !!! 5 STARS !!! by Dave Parson
05 May, 2018 At 06:30pm

Okay, this is a great app! You do need some kind of cloud storage to get it to work properly ( it work s with Google Drive , OneDrive , Dropbox,... ) It's easy to use , with clear sound quality . It doesn't use up too much battery, not like some other cloud apps I've seen. The songs import in a matter of seconds without taking much space on your device! I love it ! Keep it up!!

Real Cloud Music Player by Ashley Kingston
11 April, 2018 At 9:30pm

I absolutely love this app! Best feature is that you can play music without being online which means you save data. I use my phone as a source of music while driving which can eat up a lot of data. With this app I can connect my phone to my car and not have to worry about going over my data usage. This app is big help. I like it a lot! Fantastic

Fast Music Player by Amber Donald
15 February, 2018 At 8:30am

I absolutely love this app. It makes downloading music a breeze. It has worked wonders in lowering my phone bill since I no longer have to stream music because it's all downloaded! This app is also extremely easy to use from downloading to putting playlists together. I'd definitely recommend it to everyone.